Interest Rates

An interest rate is a percentage charged on the total amount you borrow or paid on the amount you save. When you take out a mortgage, interest rates are typically fixed, but can be negotiated upon mortgage review. However, when you first take out a loan or mortgage, you’ll want to consider your budget on what you want to borrow and how much you can pay back.

Working out equity and comparing interest rates across all of our banking options is also important, as this can severely impact your interest outcomes. Interest rates may be significantly higher than initially discussed if comparison is not done.

Luckily, comparison and checking your budget is easy and effective with our consultation plans. We significantly reduce the risk of high fixed interest rates by calculating your budget with what you will owe on a chosen plan, then double-checking comparison with all of our major banking options across Parnell and the surrounding areas. This greatly increases your chances of finding the best mortgage plan for you — all while helping you save time and money.

You can also make extra payments on your mortgage plan if necessary, but up-to-date reviews can prevent this if unnecessary.
We have helped thousands of Kiwis save on fixed-term interest rates by giving them tailor-made repayment plans suited to them and their property dreams. Why not join them by booking an appointment with us, or contacting us via 0800 579 324, or using the contact form below?

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